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“BETTER TOGETHER” is more than a mantra. These two words are serving as our one-year goal. With God’s help, he is bringing us together so that we can point people to real relationships and real significance. For the next three weeks, we will look at key verses and words that will help us function “BETTER TOGETHER” and have a lasting impact!       

On this Sunday, we take time to look at the words of  1 Peter 2:1-2 (please read!). The challenge is to grow up and into what we have believed. What does that mean, though? Five urgent steps will be shared this week that ​are going to help us all step into a new season and deepen our friendship with God! It is an important Sunday with a timely talk, music that directs our hearts to God, and a prayer time. We will also be reviewing our church-wide life verses (Romans 15:5-6

One day, Jesus was presented with a question. However, this question allowed Jesus to deliver a way of life for those who apprentice with him. In response to the question, Jesus shared a creed- an actionable statement that provided a dynamic spiritual formation path. Jesus’ answer moved hearts. The “Jesus Creed” is still moving hearts. 

Join ValleyPoint throughout summer 2021 as we consider the question and the creed. We must also contemplate our response today. Our reaction to a conversation Jesus had many years ago offers a way to shape every aspect of life that will draw us into a deeper, richer, and “Better Together” kind of walk with Jesus and others. Let’s explore and come to an understanding of one of the most important questions ever asked. 

This theme will take us on a journey into the life of Moses, a reluctant prophet. Somewhere between Charlton Heston’s superstar persona and the debonair sovereign in the Prince of Egypt is a fearful and often frustrated leader. ​

Yet, Moses becomes a preeminent figure in Scripture as God called him to lead an event that shaped history. There is much we can learn from his life.

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