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“The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives. Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand.” Psalms 37v23-24

Stepping Forward Updates



Our Stepping Forward building team is led by Rich Kirk, an elder at ValleyPoint Church. Rich is a retired design manager with extensive experience leading teams and managing budgets on large scale projects. He was instrumental in helping to manage our Real Home campaign project when we constructed our new, existing building and recently led our campus Master Planning effort. He also served several years on staff at ValleyPoint Church as our Facilities Director.

The rest of the team is made up of various members of ValleyPoint whose expertise will help drive our three areas of focus to successful completion. You can continue reading below and see visuals of our projects. The team includes civil engineers, commercial developers, architects, and arborists to help coordinate our land development. It is also made up of contractors and interior designers to help with our remodeling projects and mental health professionals who will help provide input and guidance as we design and plan out our Wellness Center.

While we have engaged many to help with our current and future needs throughout the construction and development phases, we would like to extend an open invitation to anyone whose professional expertise can help ValleyPoint. Some of the projects must be bid out and performed by engineering and civil planning firms, however, there will be many projects that we will be able to self-perform.

If you would like to volunteer services, please contact our Associate Pastor, Ben Jones, at

Land Development and Shaping


Office Building Renovation


ValleyPoint Wellness Center



PROJECT DETAILS: Shape our underutilized property with trails that will connect spiritually contemplative spaces for church and community use, a recreational area, and a playground that will engage physically, creatively, and developmentally. Create 45-50 additional parking spots between the lower level of the Main Building and Bethel Road to be used for the children’s ministry entrance and park areas.

WHY THIS MATTERS: Land development and shaping beautify ValleyPoint’s property, taking unused land and bringing purpose to it for children, students, and adults. Our land development plans also serve our ministries directly. Our student ministry will gain a recreational area to use regularly for our Sunday and Wednesday ministries. Our children’s ministry will be able to create playful groups and meet-ups where families can enjoy the outdoors and connect with a faith community.

Connecting Pathways and Trails

Community Playground

Community Recreational Area

Additional Parking


PROJECT DETAILS: Improve the audio/visual equipment in the Chapel Room for greater Student Ministry (6th – 12th grade) use. Remove two offices to expand the Chapel Room and create a hang-out/eating/connection space.

WHY THIS MATTERS: Office Building renovation for student ministry engages middle and high school students at a vital time in their lives with meaningful space that invites and communicates that the church cares. Additionally, it will provide more meeting areas for our Connection Path meetings, Connection Groups, and other classes.

Upgraded Audio/Visuals

Expanded Area For Multi-Purpose Use


PROJECT DETAILS: Take the church parsonage (at the corner of Bethel Road and the Garnet Valley High School entrance) and redesign it with counseling offices and general meeting spaces.

WHY THIS MATTERS: ValleyPoint Wellness Center provides attractive space to help meet the emotional needs and hurts of those in our church and our communities. A Wellness Center advances compassionate counseling, grief care, and other services demonstrating church and community care.

Wellness Center Exterior

Reception Area (View 1)

Reception Area (View 2)

Counseling Room

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