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Sexual Ethics Statement

OUR BELIEF:  We believe that living in the way of Jesus means embracing his vision of faithfulness in sexuality. Practically, we encourage all to live out the sexual ethics taught in Scripture, which promotes and encourages sexual expression in the context of marriage described as a lifelong one-flesh covenant union between two sexually different persons (male and female). Sexual relationships and expressions outside of this design is sin. This historic vision of Christian marriage expressed in whole life covenant union between a man and a woman includes avoiding pornography and inappropriate relationships. 

Expression of beliefs:

We seek to differentiate between agreement and acceptance. We can love and accept everyone’s humanity without affirming specific actions. In Jesus we find that those who felt most accepted in his presence were those not living in alignment with his teaching. In following the example of Jesus, we as a church are committed to becoming a community linked to Jesus in both agreement and acceptance. We unapologetically align with every word of the Bible. Equally, we uncompromisingly insist on becoming the sort of community where those out-of-alignment with Scriptures (including sexuality) feel welcome and accepted in our fellowship. 

We aspire to live in the way of Jesus. Jesus is the head of the church, and Jesus was uncompromising in teaching and calling people to align with his beliefs, a pathway to “life to the full” (John 10v10). We respectfully teach Jesus’ beliefs and encourage all to follow him. If a person’s belief, regardless of topic, does not align with Jesus’ teachings, we default to Scripture, not our own understanding or desired outcomes. In defaulting to the Bible, we seek the posture of self-sacrificing, unrelenting love in how we express our beliefs and how we treat people made in the image of God. 

We lead with a heart of love and compassion for people. We are committed to reach out with love, compassion, and the justice of Christ, and to reject and condemn all forms of hatred, verbal or physical abuse, and the victimization of all LGBTQI+ people. Our primary areas of focus are to show compassion for each person, actively listen to the story behind their individual beliefs, and seek to understand further the deep emotional and spiritual questions of an individual’s sexuality. Regardless of sexual practice and/or orientation, ValleyPoint Church welcomes all to worship with us.


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